Cardiotoxicity Testing Grows Up?

Drug-related cardiotoxicity causes 45% of drug withdrawals. Yet no FDA guidelines or standard preclinical tests, or clinical biomarkers exist. What’s in store for cardiotoxicity testing in drug discovery and development?

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Nicely Done: Cellzome

logo Nicely Done: Cellzome
This morning I came across Cellzome’s website and on further exploration I think it’s an excellent example of a technology platform company that’s got it right. You don’t see many of these, and I think it serves as a good role model to learn from.

Firstly, The Thing That Attracted Me: Presentation

Cellzome’s website is small, simple and a similar website would be inexpensive to develop (around £7K including content). Its simplicity and clarity is what makes it special. No heavy word-ridden content; just clear and simple messages:

  • a small molecule drug discovery technology platform using chemoproteomics for epigenetic and

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Stuck? Get Client Feedback.

thumbs up down 300x201 Stuck? Get Client Feedback.
Last week I got a call from an old friend and ex-colleague who bemoaned about how the marketing tactics at his very large life science technology company had pretty much reduced to a handle-turning exercise that was no longer working. Open rates on their emails had fallen to an all-time low, social media efforts were “unproven”, leads coming in from phone and website had dropped off.

When you look at a problem like this, it’s tempting to respond by changing the tactics, refreshing the branding and content, and give the marketing campaigns a “reboot”. Try a webinar series, a workshop, …

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What They Are Saying…

“Karen Jones, managing director of Bioengagement, has a very strong expertise in developing marketing campaigns/strategies for life science products and services. With her support we managed to reach our ambitious targets, engaged work with 15 new clients in less than 6 months and generated over 30 new leads."
Frederic Girard, CEO Spinnovation-Analytical.

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